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Hole 14

White (W)290411


This hole is not difficult in length, but it has numerous nuances. The tee shot is difficult because you can't see the landing area -- but you can see out-of-bounds right and trees on both sides of the fairway. You also can't see that the fairway slopes from right to left over the hill. A good aiming point off the tee is the "walking path''' grass strip at the end of the rough leading to the fairway near the top of the hill. Driver isn't always the best club off the tee, depending on conditions. The entry way to the green is ample, but bunkers do come into play.

How to Play It:

Play your tee shot up the right center of the fairway. The ball should kick a little left and be in perfect position for your second shot. Tee shots down the left side means your second shot likely will be blocked out by a big tree. Avoid the out of bounds right on this hole. Play your second shot to the middle of the green. The green is surrounded by a bunker short left, right and long, which you can't see from the fairway.